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The SEEDS Philosophy

Learning is NOT just a "school" thing. It happens everywhere and at all  times. As such, at SEEDS every space is a learning space. Instead of traditional classrooms, we have multifunctional spaces. 

SEEDS learning spaces are also calm places.  Countless researches have shown that limiting the distractions to a minimum can have a calming effect on children. The use of natural colors and materials to minimize visual and audio noise has also shown beneficial effects to more active children.

SEEDS practice the use of open-ended learning materials. These are materials that use different tools with no specific goal. This allows children to enough room to creatively explore materials and learn more than what is intended. 
SEEDS gives a premium importance on collaborative learning and problem solving. This teaches them how to listen, compromise and work together in real-life situations. They also get to share their opinions, which boosts their self-esteem and confidence. We emphasizes group learning. Therefore, children learn together in different activities. This helps them build social relationships and communication skills.

SEEDS teachers are learning facilitators, with the children leading the way in learning. However,  teachers also recognize when children with different learning abilities need extra support and give them one-on-one, hand-on guidance. SEEDS Center for Creative Learning also have small teacher-child ratios so that every child gets the help they need.

The SEEDS Center for Creative Learning is led by a team of not only highly qualified but also highly passionate educators and therapist who are championing the child's right to bloom into the best version of themselves.


Center Director

Teacher Zel

Head of Therapy

Dr. Darlene

Senior Teacher

Teacher Liza

2F Dona Maria Building, Dona Maria Subd., Tagas, Daraga Albay



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